Testing capacities

With more than 400 different and recent analysis instruments and more than 3000 tests in our image analysis catalogue we are capable of achieving diverse characterisation on the cutting edge of your biobank innovation.

In labelling IHC and ISH, we dispose of all the state of the art automatons : Research automatons, CE IVD automatons and an experienced team of project managers and technicians. 

We are able to acquire more than 200 Biomarkers and a panel of markers validated as well as human tissues. 

We own more than 300 panels of genes of interest and a high speed sequency platform composed of 5 sequencers. 

Different models of immunoanalysis automatons of the latest generation with high capacity of dosing and a large variety of dosing factors.

Our physico-chemistry tray uses the latest technology and is equiped with douzens of HPCL combined with mass spectrometers.

We are capable of supporting other services offered to carry out : 

  • Positive and negative IHC control cell pellets
  • DBA and RNA amplification 
  • Cellular transfection
  • Stable cell line development

Tailor made reports are provided with raw data and other required information (gender, date/country of collection, results)

The test catalog includes more than 2 000 parameters tested on about 600 different types of intruments.