Biospecimen & Biobanking

In order to build specimen cohorts, we have access to all 2 million samples which are processes on a monthly basis and are part of a retrospective sample collection. Through a broad range of 3 000 analysis and a large variety of matrixes we are able to bring precise results based on remnant volumes and demographics : age, gender, date and country of collection.

tool 2 building specimen

More than 25 million patients per year in our group.

Legaly, we own the lawful right to keep and use left over samples for the purpose of research or quality control.

On all results which we transfer to our clients, the statement bellow appears :

“In accordance with the regulations and laws currently in force, your biological sample can be disposed of, used and /or transfered for scientific or quality control purposes, exclusive of anonymous human genetic and respecting medical secrecy, exept for formulated request at our secretariat”

Through our 700 laboratories located in cities, clinics and hospitals, we are able to provide highly qualified and diverse samples with complete clinic information according to the best ethical and clinical practices.

We are capable of carrying out different matrix collections on one same patient and collecting samples with a large volume.

With help from our biologists and their clinical and technical expertise as well as our network of health facilities, we are able to prepare and generate clinical sample cohorts in accordance with marquage CE requirements.

We stock more than 50 000 tubes which is more than 90 000 mL of interest samples (small and big volume), 10 freezers at -30°C, a cabinet containing 16 deep-freezing doors at -30°C, 2 freezers at -80°C, fridges, and working areas.

Each freezer can stock 10 000 samples.

We have access to fresh samples (between H0 and H24) and can develop your trials close to a collection center in order to respect your fresh criteria. 

Cerba Xpert can design samples using all your defined inclusion and exclusion criterias. You can choose matrix,  pre-analytical treatment and have access to clinical information. 

We have access to samples with specific conditioning and adapt to your storage and conditioning needs. Cerba Xpert can perform your sample preparation protocol and adequately characterise samples according to the IVD industrial’s needs.