Cerba Xpert & Cerba laboratories

Technical Platform dedicated to second-line analysis + 30 000 samples processed/day from all collection sites around the world

Collection sites

Specimen collection in more than 50 countries in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Routine labs


Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Italy : 500 labs/6 300 employees

Subsaharian Africa

11 counties : 100 labs / a 400 employees

Barc lab

Central labs

Belgium, Barc lab Europe

Barc lab headquarters, our Belgium office was founded in 1983. In Belgium, we are embedded with routine diagnostic laboratory, CRI, also part of the Healthcare Group. 

Johannesburg, Barc lab South Africa

Established in 1996, Barc Lab set its first steps out of Europe, spreading to South Africa. Then, a joint Venture with Lancet Laboratories was signed in 1999.

Barc lab South Africa located in Johannesburg
Barc lab Australia located in Sydney

Sydney, Barc lab Australia

Opened in 1997, Barc lab operates in Sydney in collaboration with SDS Pathology (Laverty PAthology Lab), the biggest routine medical laboratory of Australia.

Asia, Barc lab Asia

Barc lab established numerous partnerships in Asia : SRL Medisearch, to assist your clinical trials in Japan; DIAN Diagnostics since 2012 in Shanghai which has the biggest network of laboratories across all provinces in China; and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in Singapore which is the most recent of Barc lab’s offices opened in 2015.

Barc lab located in Asia
Barc lab USA located in New York

New York, Barc lab USA

Pursuing a true global reach, Barc lab opened an office in New York in 2001 and established a partnership with NorthWell Health